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Dentegre Medikal


1hexagonal internal connection with Friction Fit to avoid micromovements and bacterial infiltrations
2Machined implant neck with double platform switching and profile with toothed hermetic cover. Distributes the pressure on the cortical bone and ensures a seal that prevents the penetration of bacteria and the onset of peri-implantitis.
3Implant with ogival design (bullet type). Ensures a higher penetration capacity.
4Pronounced spires with cutting profile. They provide higher primary stability and self-tapping properties. Higher stability in soft bone ¾ and less compression in hard bone ½)
5Spiral counter-unload furrows. They increase primary stability and prevent the progression of peri-implantitis, interrupting the spires that act as a chute for bacteria.
6Tip with self-perforating auger design with grinding effect. Produces bone shavings and stimulates osteogenesis.
7SLA type surface treatment, the most tested and known surface after the machined surface, which ensures the best osseointegration with a lower occurrence of peri-implantitis between the treated surfaces according to Evidence Based Literature
Ti-Gr.4internal hex2.5 mm3.5 mm3.7|4.1|4.7 mm 8|10|11.5|13|16 mm
LetterDesciptionmeasure[mm] 3.7measure[mm] 4.1measure[mm] 4.7
aneck height + platform switching111
bapical core width1.822.6
capical coil width2.93.23.8
dcore coronal width33.253.85
ecore coil width3.754.14.7
fplatform diameter3.53.53.5
PhotoCodeDiameter (mm)Height (mm)QuantityMaterial
NHSE_3710_hySVB3708C3.7581TI GR4
SVB3710C3.75101TI GR4
SVB3711C3.7511.51TI GR4
SVB3713C3.75131TI GR4
SVB3716C3.75161TI GR4
SVB4108C4.161TI GR4
SVB4110C4.181TI GR4
SVB4111C4.1101TI GR4
SVB4113C4.111.51TI GR4
SVB4116C4.1131TI GR4
SVB4708C4.761TI GR4
SVB4710C4.781TI GR4
SVB4711C4.7101TI GR4
SVB4713C4.711.51TI GR4
SVB4716C4.7131TI GR4