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Dentegre Medikal


1platform switching
21 mm machined neck to protects from bacterial attacks
3Cutting coronal thread for a better forces discharge on cortical bone to provide excellent stability even in few millimeters
455° triple thread over the entire body implant with a pitch of 1,8 mm (0,6 mm/thread); each turn allows to go down of 1,8mm, speeding up the insertion phase
53 apical aggressive cuts provide a better primary stability and centering of the implant and the possibility to change direction during its insertion
6Apex aggressive but rounded to protect the Schneider’s membrane
72.5 mm narrow neck
Ti-Gr.4internal hex2.5 mm3.5 mm3.7|4.1|4.7 mm 6|8|10|11.5|13|16 mm
LetterDesciptionmeasure[mm] 3.7measure[mm] 4.1measure[mm] 4.7
aneck height + platform switching0.90.951
bapical core width2.252.603.25
capical coil width33.354
dcore coronal width3.13.454.1
ecore coil width3.74.054.65
fplatform diameter3.53.53.5
FotoCodiceDiametro (mm)Altezza (mm)QuantitàMateriale
S1B3711_CS1B3708C3.7581TI GR4
S1B3710C3.75101TI GR4
S1B3711C3.7511.51TI GR4
S1B3713C3.75131TI GR4
S1B3716C3.75161TI GR4
S1B4111_CS1B4106C4.161TI GR4
S1B4108C4.181TI GR4
S1B4110C4.1101TI GR4
S1B4111C4.111.51TI GR4
S1B4113C4.1131TI GR4
S1B4116C4.1161TI GR4
S1B4711_CS1B4706C4.761TI GR4
S1B4708C4.781TI GR4
S1B4710C4.7101TI GR4
S1B4711C4.711.51TI GR4
S1B4713C4.7131TI GR4
S1B4716C4.7161TI GR4