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Dentegre Medikal


1platform switching
21 mm machined neck
3Cylindrical body
455° double thread over the entire body implant with a pitch of 1,2 mm (0,6 mm/thread); each turn allows to go down of 1,2mm, speeding up the insertion phase
52 apical cuts helicoida
6Conical apex flat tip
Ti-Gr.4internal hex2.5 mm3.4 mm3.7|4.1|5.2 mm 6|8|10|11.5|13|16 mm
LetterDesciptionmeasure[mm] 3.7measure[mm] 4.1measure[mm] 4.7
aneck height + platform switching111
bapical core width1.751.752.75
capical coil width2.53.53.5
dcore coronal width3.053.354.35
ecore coil width3.84.15.1
fplatform diameter3.43.43.4
FotoCodiceDiametro (mm)Altezza (mm)QuantitàMateriale
NHSE_3710_hyNHSE3706hy3.756.51TI GR4
NHSE3708hy3.7581TI GR4
NHSE3710hy3.75101TI GR4
NHSE3711hy3.7511.51TI GR4
NHSE3713hy3.75131TI GR4
NHSE3716hy3.75161TI GR4
NHSE_4110_hyNHSE4106hy4.16.51TI GR4
NHSE4108hy4.181TI GR4
NHSE4110hy4.1101TI GR4
NHSE4111hy4.111.51TI GR4
NHSE4113hy4.1131TI GR4
NHSE4116hy4.1161TI GR4
NHSE_5210_hyNHSE5206hy5.26.51TI GR4
NHSE5208hy5.281TI GR4
NHSE5210hy5.2101TI GR4
NHSE5211hy5.211.51TI GR4
NHSE5213hy5.2131TI GR4
NHSE5216hy5.2161TI GR4